Best of Austin 2001

Best Computer Repair / Readers Poll: Mac Alliance
Mac Alliance can outfit or find just about any Mac part you need - even if they have to stifle giggles at how ancient your machine is. They usually don't laugh, though, as they know Mac owners are loyal and true. The folks at Mac Alliance will service your old heap on the cheap and can fix just about any problem. We know firsthand, and apparently so do our readers.

Best of Austin 2000

Best Computer Repair / Readers Poll: Mac Alliance
Reliable, knowledgeable, and straightforward, Ken Gould and his Mac Alliance crew can make your Mac purr again. With an ample selection of replacement parts and a walk-in-friendly atmosphere, this is the Apple support one-stop. While you're waiting, check out their bulletin board for the latest anti-evil-empire (Microsoft) news.

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