Best of Austin 1998

Best Used Computer Salesman / Critics Pick: Ken Gould
They used to say the difference between a car salesman and a computer salesman is that the car salesman knows when he's lying to you - meaning that many people in high-tech sales are, um, a little unclear on the details of the product they hawk. This is not the case with Ken Gould. The guy knows his used Macintoshes, and has he got a deal for you. He sold Mike Judge's wife a complete system and provided tech support for Vanessa Redgrave when she was in town researching a script, so he's got the Superstar Seal of Approval as well as ours.

Best Thing About Owning A Mac / Critics Pick: Mac Alliance
This place won our hearts and hard drives back in 1996, but they continue to come to our rescue with their first-class service. Owner Ken Gould provides Mac users with complete Macintosh resources. Customers like them because they understand what they're doing - and they're honest about what's best. Hey, if it's good enough for Vanessa Redgrave, Mike Judge, and Emilio Estevez when they breeze through town, it's good enough for us. Ask Ken about the time Vanessa fixed him lunch!
Best of Austin 1996

Used Mac Gear / Critics Pick: Mac Alliance
With just a few quick calls to inquire about the availability of a mouse to match a Neanderthal Mac Plus, we learned that there is one place that keeps them, up-keeps them, and sells them at a price way below the competition: Mac Alliance. With their prices, we might not have to wait until next century to upgrade.

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